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We put ~~hundred~~ thousands of hours of unpaid effort into LogChimp to provide an excellent user experience. Your funding will help us to make this software more and more financially sustainable. This allows us to give helpful assistance, update our packages, keep things current, and, most importantly, develop new LogChimp features.

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The maintainers of LogChimp

If you're thankful for LogChimp, you should say thank you to the lovely people at CodeCarrot. The amazing company that funded the inital development cost of LogChimp.

AND you should hire us if you want to design and build an amazing web applications for you.

But here are the friendly faces of our core contributors of LogChimp, Yashu Mittal. You've probably read our names in the thousands of commits, pull requets, comments or Tweets already.

Yashu Mittal on trip

Frequently asked questions

I want to consulting. What's your rate?

Please use GitHub issues to make everything accessible to the whole community if you have a problem, a question, wish to discuss something through, or anything else. For everything else, reach out to We can take on a limited number of custom development and consulting contracts.

Can we have call?

We can always have a chat on our LogChimp Discord server. If you really need to reach out in private, send us an email at, but no technical email support 😉

I can't use GitHub. How can I support you?

No worries. You can support us on OpenCollective.