Build better products with customer feedback

Make product decisions by track, manage, engage, and analyze your customers feedback with ease.

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Collect your customers feedback with confidence

LogChimp helps you to collect, analyze, and organise your customers feedback.

Open source


Secure and full control of data

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The open source advantage

LogChimp is the open source software written in Node.js and Vue and runs as any Linux-based operating system with PostgreSQL. Use the features you like, for example, branding, dashboard, roadmaps, boards, and RBAC, with full access to source code.

We <3 open source

LogChimp is open source from day-one and ready for your contributions.

Custom branding

Make LogChimp your own by adding custom theming.

Take it anywhere

You can run LogChimp on your servers

Powerful dashboard

Manage posts, boards, users, roadmaps, and roles from a single dashboard.