Why open source?

LogChimp was/is/will be open-source for you to collect feedback from your customers 😉

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Open source

LogChimp is an open source software that is supported by a vibrant community with 336 stars 🤩. We release all our code and intellectual property under an open source license. Not only do you retain total control over data — but you have full access to source code, and core APIs.

LogChimp Github repository

Vulnerability Scanning

LogChimp performs CodeQL analytics on every commit using GitHub Actions to continuously scan for vulnerabilities.

LogChimp Github repository


Run LogChimp site under your existing security and IT policies. Deploy to public, private or hybrid clouds with full access to source code and total control of your single-tenant system.

LogChimp Github repository


Other service provider may track your IP address, usage patterns, logs, and know more about your company than you do. In contrast, LogChimp provides the benefits of modern software without sacrificing privacy.

LogChimp Github repository


LogChimp was built ground-up for enterprise with a single-tenant private cloud architecture offering high availability and horizontal scaling. Tens of thousands of users can operate out of a single team and hundreds of teams can be deployed in an enterprise.