We understand that some users are going to want more flexibility, so the CLI has a whole set of flags and options that allow you to break the steps down and adjust what they do.

If you have any suggestions or find bugs 🐞, head over to the LogChimp CLI GitHub repository and let us know.


LogChimp CLI is an npm package that can be installed via either npm or yarn.

npm install -g logchimp-cli

# or
yarn global add logchimp-cli

Useful options

There are some global flags you may find useful when using logchimp-cli.

# Output usage information for LogChimp CLI
logchimp --help, logchimp -h, logchimp help, logchimp [COMMAND] --help, logchimp help [COMMAND]

# Print LogChimp CLI version
logchimp version, logchimp --version, logchimp -V, logchimp -v