How to deploy LogChimp on Render?

A full guide for running LogChimp on Render with a click of a button.


  • v0.6


Clicking on "Deploy to Render" button will redirect you to confirmation page.

Deploy to Render

Render deploy confirmation page


Please review the changes before deploying the following services.

Click "apply" button, 🎉 Voilà!



Now, the deployed services needs to be connected together.

On your machine, you need to use logchimp-cli tool to generate configuration.

In your Render dashboard, open logchimp-api, go to Environment tab, scroll to Secret Files section.

Render services secret file section

Click "Add Secret File", at filename enter logchimp.config.json, paste the logchimp configuration in Contents.

Render secret file contents preview

Click "Save", scroll to top.

Copy the deployment url, for example


You're doing great 💪, just one more step.

Open logchimp-client, go to Redriects/Rewrites tab.

Click "Add rule", enter /api/* as source, and paste your logchimp-api URL as destination*.

Render services redirect section


Make sure /api/* source is at top

Click "Save Changes".