Get started now

logchimp install

  $ logchimp install [flags]

  --dbhost=dbhost        [default: localhost] Database host
  --dbname=dbname        Database name
  --dbpass=dbpass        Database password (default auto generate random password)
  --dbport=dbport        [default: 5432] Database port
  --[no-]dbssl           Enable SSL for database (default true for production)
  --dbuser=dbuser        Database username
  --local                Run LogChimp for local development/testing
  --port=port            [default: 3000] Server port to listen on
  --secretkey=secretkey  Secret key for password validation (default auto generate random string)

  $ logchimp install
  $ logchimp install --local
  $ logchimp install --dbhost=localhost --dbuser=username --dbname=database --dbport=5432

The logchimp install command is your one-stop-shop to get a running production install of LogChimp.

Not ready for production yet? logchimp install --local installs LogChimp in development mode.

How it works

The logchimp install command runs a nested command structure, but you only ever have to enter a single command.

First, it will download the LogChimp source code, install its dependencies, and build the client for production.

Ta-da 🎉 a single command has successfully installed LogChimp.


Here are some useful options when using the LogChimp install command:

# Install locally for development/testing
logchimp install --local

As logchimp install runs it also accepts options for database configuration.

See the individual command docs, or run logchimp install --help for more detailed information.

# Get more information before running the command
logchimp install --help

# Install in development mode for a staging env
logchimp install --local